About our school


Peniel Children Academy, formally known as Peniel Children Play Centre was established in 2011 operating only the Crèche Centre. It has however over the years grown to include the Play-group, Nursery classes and Basic Education. Our teachers embrace a collaborative approach to learning, supporting diverse interests and enabling rich learning experiences for our pupils. As our attention is focused on our students, our curricula and pedagogical decisions begin with knowledge of our pupils. We have teachers who observe, listen and research alongside the pupils, encouraging them to be inquirers – to wonder and pose questions with many opportunities for critical, analytical, creative and reflective thinking, enriched through reciprocal interactions between peers, teachers and the broader community. We believe optimal learning outcomes require strong home-school partnerships. Accordingly, we provide clear and continuous communication and encourage caregivers' participation in the learning environment.
Peniel Children academy comprises of the Crèche, Play group, Pre-Nursery, Nursery and the Basic Education. We prepare pupils to be intelligent, innovative and international; to be responsible and compassionate leaders who place the welfare of others before self and who are willing to embrace the challenges of our century as opportunities to make a difference. We believe that every child is a valued member of our School. Each child is seen as capable, competent and active participant in his or her own learning journey. At Peniel Children Academy, we focus on the development of the whole child, encompassing the social, emotional, spiritual, physical and cultural needs alongside the academic and intellectual progress. The driving force of what we do comes from knowing our pupils; their needs, characteristics and wellbeing. As our attention is focused on who we teach it is from this point that our decisions flow.

Educational Services

Our professionally trained staff go all out to prepare the pupils with all requisite materials and learning methods to aid assimilation

Staff Capacity Building

Training and retraining of both academic and administrative staff is a continues process in Peniel Children Academy


There are a lot of testimonies on daily basis from parents about the dedication of the teachers and the subsequent excellent academic performance of our pupils

years of experience

Few years of on-the-job experience but with thousands of corresponding on-the-job skills and passion